Bellies and Babies: The Business of Maternity and Newborn Photography

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Learn to master the art of maternity and newborn photography

Maternity and newborn photography is an exciting new photographic specialty with a growing market. In this book by professional photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Sandy Puc, you will find both information and inspiration. This book covers technical aspects such as equipment, lighting techniques, and composition, but also examines the human side of the equation: how to make moms comfortable during the shoot, tips on photographing newborns, suggestions for props and poses for children under a year of age, and much more. Additionally, it will include business strategies for photographers who are looking to expand into this bourgeoning market.

  • Addresses what photographers need to know to venture into this popular specialty
  • Provides technical information about equipment, lighting, composition, camera settings, and printing
  • Explains how to make expectant mothers feel comfortable and attractive during the shoot, how to work with newborns, techniques for posing children younger than a year, tips on using props, and more
  • Illustrated with dozens of the author's maternity and newborn portraits

Bellies and Babies: The Art of Maternity and Newborn Photography offers photographers both the information and ideas they need to successfully photograph expectant mothers and newborns.

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Sleeping Twins
Sleeping Twins
Baby Looking Up
Baby Looking Up
Smiling Baby
Smiling Baby
Sleeping Twins

When working with twins you can always expect a little stress. Typically it is best to capture them as young as possible. 5-10 days old is my personal favorite time because they are not on schedules yet and tend to sleep well through the session.

Keep in mind that for 9 months these babies have been in close quarters so when posing it is actually comfortable for them to be a little squishy. The goal should be to showcase their features as well as the special bond that they share. Be sure to always pose the smaller twin closer to the camera so that they look similar in size.

Light was placed over the babies on an angle to give it a soft natural feel. I prefer continuous light when working with newborns because it feels more like natural light and it eliminates the flash, which may wake the babies.

  • Main light - Westcott TD6 with 4x5 soft box
  • Backdrop - Large piece of brown faux fur

Baby Looking Up

Once a baby can crawl you may find it easier to follow than to try and pose the baby. Being mobile creates a whole new dynamic during the session and often times you are working around the baby’s vision and not your own. Standing above the child and making soft noises or familiar sounds will engage them and for a brief moment they will look up. This look will typically be more serious and is a great time to showcase the eyes. My personal favorite images are always when the baby is not smiling and they have a pensive somber look. The shape of the face and color of the eyes will warm every parent’s heart and will add to the perfect portrait sale.

  • Main light – Large north-facing window
  • Fill light - Wescott TD6 continuous light
  • Backdrop - wood floor

Smiling Baby

One of the most popular shots that parents of newborns request over and over is the baby with hands on the cheeks while sleeping. This shot is a showstopper but can be a challenge, to say the least. Be sure that the baby is well fed and in a deep sleep before you attempt to make this pose happen. Once you start the process have mom or dad there for support and warn them that patience is key. The set up can take as long as 20 minutes and the actual shot might be just a few seconds, so have your camera on a tripod - focused and ready to go before you start posing.

To take this pose to the next level a slight smile makes this a mother’s dream shot. Once you have the safety shots you can simply tickle the babies chin softly and some babies will reflex with a smile.

  • Main Light – Photogenic 625 strobe
  • Reflector - 4x5 soft silver
  • Backdrop - Silverlake


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